This page is intended for reading subjects with speech problems.
It contains video’s of speaking software with diverse input
mechanisms. For the main points look here. Visibility also
depends on the codecs installed on your computer.

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  Stepped Quartering and Alternative Code

Stepped Quartering and Alternative Code

   Write Easy

Simple Video Dutch spoken, only opens with Windows Media Player.

Stokje Video Stickwise. Only opens with Windows Media Player.

Introduction to Write Easy.

Abbreviations explained.

Word prediction explained. 

Two switch Morse Code explained. 

One switch Morse Code with sustained dashes.

Sustained dashes explained again.

Parameters may be changed.

Several input techniques combined with synthetic speech.

            Shows how several input enhancements can be


Three switch Morse Code without timers explained with ‘hello ’.

Three switch Morse Code discrete dashes and ‘nice ’.

  Videos of the same phrase with several input techniques.

These videos do NOT represent average use. If word prediction
speeds up input rate in copy tasks is not proven, neither in conversations,
and these examples are not typical.

Writingthe quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog’.

Ten finger typing can be faster than synthetic speech.

Two finger typing with abbreviations and word prediction.

     The phrase was previously learned by the word predictor

      and also practised by the user so this is significantly faster

      than is possible with the average phrase!

Touchpad with several tricks including word prediction

     accessed at a distance by the right mousebutton.

Two switch Morse Code but no word prediction.

Two switch Morse Code plus word prediction

     Again, the word predictor has learned the phrase so

     this is faster than life.

One switch Morse Code plus word prediction (idem).

One and two switch Morse Code with small form and logfile.

Three switch Morse Code with timers and discrete dashes.

Active two and one switch row column scanning with empty

first column.

Optimized two bit quartering with two switches and word


Sms.. and not by a trained user.

Many more scanning mechanisms exist!

  Other videos

Introduction to stored text with speaking aid.

Two bit quartering groupwise scanning with Morse as intermediate code.

Two bit quartering with one switch.

Sponsorware Is it an alternative to commercial distribution?

Most synthetic speech is Cereproc’s Lawrence.